My cattery is small with only one male and five females. Breeding is a hobby to me. Most of the money I get from selling my kittens goes back into the cattery to maintain a high standard of health and management. Only the best is good enough for my birmans and I am proud of it.

My male has his own stud house that we have built onto our house and its fitted out with shelves and scratching posts, with his own outside cat run, also with shelves for him to jump/play on. His stud house has tiled flooring for easy cleaning.

My females stay indoors - we are fortunate to have a very spacious home with many rooms; they have their own "cat rooms" in the house, (it has been furnished with scratching posts, toys, beds, and fitted with flooring that cleans easily, etc.) The females have their own outside cat run on our patio where they have access to the family room and they have a super view on the pool and when we entertain and they love watching the birds in the garden. I keep my females in groups of 2 and 3 (to minimize cat fights and stress) so they take turns to be in their outside cat run.

All my cats have access to the back yard area where I have a big, safe enclosure (walls and electric fencing) f or them to enjoy the outdoors. This is next to my stud house, so my male has always company and can see his females and offspring at play. My cats get turns to play in this area daily.

I usually breed my females once a year, sometimes 3 times in 2 years if their condition is a 100%. My cats have no contact with neighborhood cats. My cattery is FIV and FeLV negative. I only give stud services to approved breeders. At all times I try and manage a quality cattery and breed healthy and well-adjusted kittens. Prospective buyers are welcome to come and view my precious birmans.